Tyler-Jane Lumsden


Tyler is currently holding the titles of: 

NSW State Finalist - Miss World Australia 2018

National Finalist - Miss Global Australia 2018

National Finalist - Miss Intercontinental 2018

National Finalist - Miss of Australia 2018

Tyler has only just competed in her first pageant in May this year and has taken the pageant world by storm, bringing a fresh look, strong voice and educated opinions to a national, female-driven platform.
What can I say? We both had a dream for a particular genre and style that we would like to try. Different talents and experiences combined to make this a possibility and we went for it. The result? VOLO magazine indicated they will publish our submission in an upcoming issue. Get Tyler involved in a style that the both of you are passionate about and the results will be extraordinary.
— Phil Ingram - Sep 2016

Tyler-Jane Lumsden

Tyler-Jane Lumsden is a professional model, make up artist and dancer available for a range of different styles and disciplines.

Tyler-Jane has a solid background as a dancer and performer from a young age and is passionate about modelling.

Regularly hired for promotional/commercial dancing and modelling, and modelled for all types of glamour, cosplay, art, implied and fine art nude photography.

Included in both promotional event advertising and television commercials, and published internationally in VOLO magazine - the most prestigious nude art magazine in the world.

A qualified and experienced makeup artist and available to do own hair and makeup for shoots.

I am captivated by the beauty of the female form, in all shapes and sizes and I love to share the art I’ve created with my body with the world.